Miss Kinsey's Diner's Club

Male, Youth, Elaborate Attire, Obese

Skill: 6 Stamina: 19 Luck: 9

The Eaters know that there are only two worlds: the without and the within. They intend to insert as much of the prior into the later as they can while experiencing the finest delights available. All culinary experience is open to them, nothing is forbidden at Miss Kinsey's. Try the other, other, other white meat.

Immune to mundane ingested poisons. Also can identify any object if eaten, gaining knowledge of its material, its origin (if plausibly familiar), and its magical properties on a successful test of gastrology. Must be thoroughly masticated, not merely swallowed and passed. This does not grant special immunity to any effects it may possess.


  • Sharp metal dentures (damage as sword)
  • Embroidered napkin
  • Knife
  • Lantern and a flask of oil
  • Rucksack
  • 6 provisions
  • 7 silver pennies


  • 3 Etiquette
  • 1 Strength
  • 1 Tracking
  • 1 Trapping
  • 1 Gastrology