Sceptical Lammasu

Male, Adult, Messy Clothing, Missing Limb

Skill: 4 Stamina: 19 Luck: 8

With the body of a bull, the head of a man, the forelegs of a cat and the wings of a swan, you are the sweetest of the children of the gods. You, however, were not content to rest on your cloud and instead descended from the heavens (or crawled up from the abyss) and set upon finding your own path among the stars.


  • Incidental sacred jewellery worth 10d6 pence if traded.
  • Peaked hat.
  • Claws (Damage as swords).
  • Hooves (Damage as clubs).
  • Wings--able to fly as fast as a running man over clear ground.
  • Knife
  • Lantern and a flask of oil
  • Rucksack
  • 6 provisions
  • 8 silver pennies


  • 3 Fly
  • 3 Spell - Sentry
  • 3 Spell - Breach
  • 3 Spell - Farseeing
  • 2 Claw Fighting
  • 1 Hoof Fighting