Parchment Witch

Female, Youth, Scant Clothing, Scrawny

Skill: 5 Stamina: 20 Luck: 7

Known for your smooth skin, midnight gatherings and being fearful of rain and open flames. The parchment witches are long dead sorcerers who cannot give up the vanity of living and so cover themselves in perfect paper skin. A patiently painted and folded imitation of life to hide ancient bone and gristle.

You are undead so do not need to breathe, circulate blood, and so on. You takes double damage from silver weapons and regain stamina half as effectively from all sources. You must test luck if outside in the rain, made wet, close to open flames, or suffer general grievous wounds. A failure will see your skin ruined. While your skin is damaged you are very obviously a walking corpse. 11


  • d6 rolls of parchment
  • Vials of pigments and powders
  • Collection of brushes
  • A wicked knife
  • Knife
  • Lantern and a flask of oil
  • Rucksack
  • 6 provisions
  • 11 silver pennies


  • 2 Spell - Protection From Rain
  • 2 Callous Strike
  • 2 Spell - Quench
  • 2 Spell - True Seeing
  • 2 Disguise
  • 2 Second Sight
  • 1 Healing
  • 1 Undo
  • 1 Spell - Sleep