Yongardy Lawyer

Male, Youth, Threadbare Clothing, Short

Skill: 4 Stamina: 24 Luck: 12

Down in Yongardy they do things differently. They respect the law. Every day there is a queue outside the courts to get a seat to see the latest up and coming barrister defend his case with three feet of steel. The people follow the careers of their favourite solicitors, watch all their cases, collect their portraits and sneak into the court after hours to dab the patches of blood on white handkerchiefs. In Yongardy they love the law.


  • Hammer and huge shield
  • Manual on Yondardy Law
  • Barrister's Wig
  • Knife
  • Lantern and a flask of oil
  • Rucksack
  • 6 provisions
  • 5 silver pennies


  • 4 weapon fighting skill of choice
  • 2 Etiquette
  • 1 Healing