Female, Old, Formal Attire, Hairy

Skill: 4 Stamina: 18 Luck: 11

You were a mercenary retained in the exclusive service of the Phoenix Throne, handsomely paid and sent to distant spheres on golden ships to spread the ineffable glory of your paymaster at the tip of your flaming lance.


  • Exquisite pistolet.
  • Bandolier containing 18 plasmic cores.
  • Greatsword.
  • Brightly coloured clothing with lots of tassels and bells (impossible to sneak). Though frivolous looking, it is in fact built with the Autarch's divine alchemy and considered Modest Armour while weighing the same as normal clothing (takes no slots in your inventory).
  • Knife
  • Lantern and a flask of oil
  • Rucksack
  • 6 provisions
  • 7 silver pennies


  • 2 Greatsword Fighting
  • 2 Pistolet Fighting
  • 1 Run
  • 1 Fist Fighting
  • 1 Astrology